Floop UX Intensive // 3-Day Workshop


Floop was a startup at an early stage; tons of potential but keeping staffing strategically lean. It was too early for them to start building a full in-house UX competency. However, they were contemplating some major product decisions and wanted to make the most of this opportunity.

The timing was right to inject some fresh thinking and boost their UX competency.

Our mandate was to level up their small design & development team in a very short period.

Strategy + Methods

From initial conversations with the leadership, it was determined that a 3-day on site workshop would be the most effective format. A time box created a nice tidy constraint for scope and budget.

Workshop requirements were drawn up based on conversations and research, including a review of the existing product and processes, future plans, and the talent mix. From this, a custom curriculum was drawn up and schedule created. Time limits were an important constraint, to ensure we avoided diversions and stuck to core concepts.

The first day of the workshop focused on team alignment and user empathy. Exercises were to include a brand differentiation exercise, creation of proto-personas, empathy mapping, and a system role play.


Day two started a shift toward Floop’s specific business. Planned activities included user task generation, dependency mapping and user flows, and ending with UI sketches.

The curriculum for day three was comprised of continued UI sketching, and ended with design process training for the company designer.

Results + Impact

We covered a lot of ground together, had fun and learned a lot. We departed slightly from schedule in order to ensure the output of the workshop was going to be useful over the long term. For example, we spent extra time in persona development so we could complete the set and use them to help solve actual business problems.

The workshop made a significant impact on product design decisions and team growth. On top of workshop results that were immediately useful, the workshop created long term benefits for the business.

Floop Technologies Inc.

Special thanks to Laurent Mascherpa, Gadi Pollack and the Floop team.