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Hockey fights aren't just between players. Anyone with a kid in minor sports has seen how uncivil those 'other' parents can be. Well meaning parents can cause a lot of grief protecting the future pro sports career of their kid.

ProSmart Sports is a business aimed at giving families equal access to the best sports learning available. The project goal was to optimize the user experience for the content delivery platform across youth sports associations, governing bodies, and parents.

Design continued over the course of two major web versions and a mobile app.

Strategy + Methods

Lean UX methods were used to meet the tight budget of a pre-revenue startup. Many of the project phases were overlapping and/or revisited over the course of product iterations.

A research phase included phone and in-person interviews and contextual inquiry. Data gathered during this phase was formalized using personas and experience journey mapping. These artifacts were then referenced periodically during future phases.

Information architecture was worked out with multiple iterations of user flow diagrams, followed by low fidelity prototypes (clickable wireframes). These were subjected to lightweight user testing to resolve usability and comprehension issues.

Product development continued with parallel development of high fidelity prototypes and a UI style guide. High fidelity prototypes were also tested and revised based on user feedback.

Support was also provided in the forms of creative direction and design for pitch decks and supporting materials, improvements and standardization of company and product branding, and establishment of a production process (design & software development).

Results + Impact

ProSmart Sports successfully forged partnerships with the NHL Alumni Association and multiple high-profile sports personalities. The company also secured sponsorships from Scotiabank and Rogers Sportsnet, with far-reaching benefits. As a result of these successes, the company valuation exponentially increased, which is a critical step for any pre-revenue startup.


As at the time of writing, year-over-year retention is many times higher than most digital products, and the product maintains a loyal following in North America.

Update - 2017

ProSmart has gone on to new heights, adding football (soccer) to their offering, making business acquisitions and sending up an IPO. Woot! 

ProSmart Sports Development

Special thanks to Emma Bullen (copywriting); Owen Goward (design); Marv Peters (design) and the ProSmart team.