At our core, we’re passionate about connecting people with meaning and value.

We partner closely with our clients in research, prototyping and interface design. We're proud of our ability to embed with established teams and startups.


Clint Schnee // Founder/UX Strategist


Clint is a wrangler of ideas. He knows how to organize them, refine them, and bring them to life. He designs for the benefit of real living, breathing, emotional humans. He has held design leadership roles in multiple companies and startups, including 6 years at Disney as a design manager. Clint is a mentor and leader in the product community, where he's known for his empathy and open ear. He is a thinker and a writer, and might have an interesting metaphor for that thing you’ve been pondering.


Jocelyn Smith // Research Lead

Jocelyn always knows how to ask the right questions. She has worked for national organizations, startups and large enterprises, helping them understand how customers experience their products and services. Her deep curiousity about humans and background in computer science brings valuable insight to any project. Since she's taught human-computer interaction (HCI) at universities in Canada and Australia, we tend to agree she knows what she's doing. 


Amanda Penner // Lead UI Designer

Amanda is a systems thinker and the master of consistency. Want to know what happens when you change the default size of that element? She'll tell you. Her experience includes six years as Senior Interactive Designer at Disney, where she solved many of the most complex UI challenges for Club Penguin, affecting millions of active users. Amanda can zoom from fine detail and pixel perfection to product strategy and not miss a beat.


Julie Baese // Senior UI/UX Designer

Julie brings experienced creativity, problem solving and critical thinking to the team. She delivers the perfect blend of gorgeous and functional. She knows a user experience can’t just look good, it has to accomplish its goal. Her talents have benefitted brands such as BMW, Best Buy, Mitsubishi, Dell, BCLC, Home Depot, Lululemon and Unilever to name a few.


Sarah Donaldson // UI/UX Designer

Sarah has an uncanny ability to connect people with ideas, and people with each other. She brings her love of humans to bear on the interactions she creates, in and around digital products. Her work draws on a strong understanding of technical development (including blockchain and a degree in graphic design). When you're not looking, she's secretly making some UI tweaks to boost your conversion rate.


Andee Pittman // UX Researcher & Designer

Andee is a detective and a builder. When given a problem, she immediately looks for—and finds—underlying causes. She writes a mean user test script and always seems to put her finger on the core issue. She's helped create and teach college UX Design programs and optimized customer experience for well known local brands. When she's not solving vexing business problems, you might find her outside enjoying the radiation of our closest star.