User Research

We do this to gain behavioural insights, and learn what motivates your customer. Humans are really bad at understanding themselves and predicting how they will behave in the future. We help you get closer to the truth, so you can build apps people actually use.

Information Architecture

We do this to help people find their way through large (or small) amounts of information or software features. People can hold very small amounts of information in their head—so it has to be organized in a way that connects to how they already think about the world. We use a user-centered approach to structure your site or app content, so people can understand and use it. 


Create interactive prototypes of your application early in the development process, at the right level of fidelity. Validate ideas and execution with real humans, on the cheap.* This can save you a lot of money and pain by building and testing a design early—before sinking money into code. 

*Making changes at the beginning is typically 10x less expensive than after a solution has been built in code.

User Testing

Find out what’s working and not working with your app, and why. We conduct testing at every stage of the development lifecycle. We work hard to eliminate bias and provide accurate data, so you can make smart decisions in product development.Testing is done with real people that fit the profile of your customer. This can be done remotely or on-site.  

Web & Mobile User Interface Design

We create screen layouts that work across devices, design interactive controls and components. Our approach is developer-friendly, to ensure what is designed can be built without hassle.

Workshops & Training

Skill up your team, and foster a user-centered company culture. We mentor and train designers in UX methods, and conduct workshops to help familiarize product teams with user-centered product development practices. We borrow from Google Ventures, Gamestorming, Ideo and also author our own team exercises.

Usability Assessments

Do this to identify and fix usability defects in your app that cost your user time and create frustration. We conduct expert (heuristic) reviews and usability benchmark testing. This allows you to measure improvements over time as your app evolves. 

UX Strategy and Design Management

Make a design investment that generates results for your business. 

Every organization has its own 'optimum use of design.' We work with you to identify what’s working, not working, and missing—so you can make a smart investment in design.

Need to hire an in-house designer? We can help you hire the right kind of designer (there are a few). In the short term we function as a stand-in design department with a full compliment of design talent. In the long term we can help you hire and build the right design team for your organization.